Dive Center

Dive into the underwater world of Bonaire

Discover the most beautiful diving spots

Colorful coral, special reefs, turtles and sometimes even dolphins: Bonaire is a paradise for divers and snorkelers and has the most beautiful diving spots. The Caribbean Sea has many high waves, but the west coast of Bonaire is very quiet: ideal for taking a look at the underwater world.

The pearls of Bloozz Resort Bonaire:

- The diving and snorkeling beach is located opposite our resort.
- Walk to the diving school in two minutes.
- Enjoy a special diver's lunch.
- Make diving gear sand-free with the rinse tanks at our resort.

On the road with diving school Beyond the Corals

A two-minute walk from our resort you will find one of the few sandy beaches on Bonaire: Bachelor's Beach. You can easily walk into the sea. And after about twenty steps it is eighty meters deep. So put on your snorkeling goggles or dive deep into the sea. With the turtles around you you will see wonderful nature.

Our neighbors – diving school Beyond the Corals – give courses to beginners and advanced divers and take you to impressive diving spots on Bonaire. All instructors are PADI certified and members of Green Fins: professional divers with a heart for the environment. Would you rather travel yourself? Then rent the supplies from Beyond the Corals.

A diver's lunch is given priority

Diving and snorkeling will make you hungry. And all the beauty makes you want to move on to your next dive. We know what to do with that: order the Beyond the Corals poke bowl or Dive Master Burger at Bloozz restaurant. These dishes are given priority in our kitchen and will be freshly baked on your plate within ten minutes. This way you don't lose any time and you can enter the water with new energy.

Discover the most beautiful diving spots on Bonaire and then relax in our resort. Discover the possibilities.