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Kralendijk Bonaire

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Your apartment, purchase & rental

Bloozz Resort Bonaire takes care of the rental of your apartment and all additional work on the resort itself. The subletting is done through a Rental pool.

Purchase and costs

The prices of all studio’s, apartments and penthouses on Bloozz Resort Bonaire are freehold/at no additional cost. With one exception regarding costs: the notary fees created during purchase, are to be paid by the buyer. All prices for the real estate are in dollars and will be paid off in dollars.

All apartments in the pool

All apartments and studios on the resort are part of the rental pool, except for the four penthouses. The owners of these can choose for themselves whether they participate in the pool or not. If the owner of a penthouse decides not to participate in the rental pool, then he/she only pays the contribution to the HOA.

Bloozz Resort, your return
A studio or apartment on the resort yields. A realistic calculation example: Because the majority of the rental costs are variable costs, so depending on the occupancy rate (such as laundry, cleaning, energy costs, costs for booking sites, management costs), the total costs (variable + fixed) can be based on reliable assumptions and experience figures on the island, and are estimated at 45% of rental income.

A deposit will be transferred into your account in advance every quarter, with a yearly overall statement of accounts.

As co-owner / investor at Bloozz Resort Bonaire you will not have to worry about anything and will be transparently informed by the board/administrative organization regularly.

The only costs that you will have to pay are the costs of the property tax. The rate of the property tax is currently 0.805% of the value of your apartment, with the first $70,000 exempt.

Yield calculation

For rentals from $ 90 per night for a studio to $ 185 per night for a penthouse (230 m2!!) the yield is 7.5% at an average island occupancy of 63%.

Occupancy                                           Yield

50%                                                      5,95%

63%                                                      7,50%

80%                                                      9,52%

Financing of your apartment

The (partial) financing of the purchase of your studio, apartment, or penthouse through a mortgage is a possibility. The local ORCO-bank has options. Bloozz Resort Bonaire B.V. can bring you in contact with the right real estate specialists of the bank.

The current interest rates on Bonaire are higher than in the Netherlands, varying between 5% and 6%. The bank will finance up to 65% of the purchasing price, the duration of the mortgage is a maximum of 30 years or up to the age of 70. The mortgage is based on annuities. 

Staying in your own apartment

As the owner of a studio or apartment at the resort, you have the opportunity to use your own studio or apartment four weeks a year. You then only pay a small fee for cleaning costs, washing and other activities that are part of the care for the studio or apartment.

You can stay longer than four weeks, but then you also pay a contribution to the fixed HOA costs after four weeks. These are for a studio from € 104 per month and for a four-person apartment from € 231 per month. Plus, the costs for your own energy consumption. During the period of your own stay you do not share in the income from the rental pool.

As a special option you can also use another (more expensive) apartment at the resort, but with an additional payment of the difference in the then applicable rental prices.

Homeowners’ association (HOA)

 A homeowners’ association for Bloozz Resort Bonaire will be established. This HOA takes care of the joint costs (maintenance of the general areas, building insurance, etc.).
The HOA reserves funds for future maintenance and keeping the resort up to date. Working with an HOA means all owners/members get a voice in the matters that fall under the maintenance and activities which fall under the HOA.

The earnings

Working with a rental pool means that all income from the rental of apartments ends up in the rental pool and that the proceeds, after deduction of the costs, are shared equally between the various owners in proportion to his / her investment (read: investment). In this way every owner has the same return, even if your apartment is not rented out as much as that of your neighbor.

Daily management / rental

Bloozz Resort Bonaire BV takes care of the management of the apartments for all owners / investors, as well as the work for the rental organization. These activities consist of, among other things, marketing, reservations, reception activities, check-in/check-out, hiring and managing cleaners, minor maintenance, administration, and managing the HOA.

How to proceed: option and reflection time

If you are interested in purchasing one of the studios or apartments, you can take this option for four weeks. We will state on the website that the studio or apartment you have chosen is reserved and you can use it for four weeks as reflection time.

If after four weeks you decide to buy the apartment, you will receive a “letter of intent” in which it is stated that you have purchased the rights to an apartment and that you will conclude a purchase contract with Bloozz Resort Bonaire B.V.

The moment the right to the apartment are established by Bloozz Resort Bonaire at the notary (it is expected that this will happen in April / May 2020), you purchase the rights to the apartment through the notary on Bonaire, whereby you pay the first 20% of the total purchase price. You will then receive (as the construction of the apartments progresses) invoices from the construction periods, each time a certain construction phase has been completed. The total construction time is estimated at two years.