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Kralendijk Bonaire

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About Bloozz Resort Bonaire


Bloozz Resort Bonaire is a private development of Bloozz Resort Bonaire B.V.

In the Netherlands, from our own development and construction company Domus in the Drenthe region, we have realized various special projects in recent years in the areas of luxury housing, residential recreation, as well as care facilities and projects in the field of urban renewal with shops and apartments. We are not only initiator/developer of the new resort on Bachelors Beach but are also closely involved in the realization with our architectural experience and input. After completion of the resort, marketing, rental, management and maintenance will be taken care of by Bloozz Resort Bonaire B.V., so that the quality and thus the attractiveness can also be maintained in this area at all times.

The team at Bloozz Resort Bonaire B.V.

  • Adrie Pol, technical developer, construction manager
  • Vera Pol, commercial affairs, marketing, resort management
  • Gea Pol, facility management and management

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